Jonathan Maldonado Contreras

software engineer

Game development in C++ and Lua. Development of software in C, C++, Python or Java. Knowledge of graphics programming: SDL2 and OpenGL, AI programming and video game architecture. Passionate of game development, C++ and quality.

Creation of quality software based on design patterns and proper architecture in different languages. Classical or agile methodology.


Jonathan Maldonado Contreras
jonathan.mcontreras @gmail.com
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Software engineering

Universidad Politecnica of Madrid

Software design. Maintenance and software evolution. Design patterns and advanced software architecture. Security in different areas of computing science. Utilization of several programming languages such as C/C++/C#, Java, Python, LISP.

First Certificate in English.

Grade B (76/100).

English certification

Cambridge Academy of English


Game development in C++. Development of online features for games in fronted and server side, focus on optimization. Creation of internal tools. Released games: N.O.V.A Legacy, a game in less than 25MB with no additional download.

C++ Game Developer

Gameloft S.L.U.  May 2016 - Currently

Mobile developer

IceMobile B.V  September 2014 - April 2016

Application development for Android from 2.3 to 6.x and IOS (7.0 to 9.x). Use of GSON, Gradle, Jenkins and GIT. Creation of internal frameworks and client implementations. I have made several apps for clients like ABN AMRO for Android with more than a million and a half users or Jumbo for IOS with more than two hundred thousand users per days. I have developed as well apps for RT Mart and COOP Denmaark.

Application development for Android including user interface focussing in accesibility, business logic or architecture. Use of a variety of technologies such as SIP for a video call system developed for Red Cross Spain. Development with C of low level parts of the video call system touching the H.264 implementation and other standars for data transmision over tv cable. Use of NDK and JNI.

Android/C developer

Magicbox Television and Interactive Services S.L.  november 2013 - september 2014

Computer vision C++ developer

The Graffter S.L  january 2013 - october 2013

Design and development of computer vision algorithms with C++ and OpenCV. Research of new methods of cross-correlation between images, convolution, mathematical morfology and treatment in order to improve the performance in mobile devices. I developed an algorithm to compare facades of buildings and identify the position of the user acording to those.

Different jobs for the department such as equipment installations, repairs, maintenance calls and system services. Direct contact with the customer in Spanish and English.

Facilities Deparment

Ralph Lauren S.L.U  september 2012 - december 2012

J2EE developer

OCUD  october 2011 - september 2012

Development of an application for university cooperation called OCUD using J2EE, Struts, Hibernate, MySql and subversion as technologies and Kanban as methodology of organization.

Different jobs for the department such as equipment installations, repairs, maintenance calls and system services. Direct contact with the customer in Spanish and English.

Facilities Deparment

Ralph Lauren S.L.U  june 2011 - september 2011

Mobile and Web developer

Dinamica Studios S.L  january 2011 - june 2011

Android application development and Web application development in LAMP environments, using PHP5, MySQL plus javascript and corporate websites with CMS such as Joomla or Wordpress. Debian stable.


I have developed software in C++ since 2012. I have used c++98, c++03, c++11 and c++14. Experience with clang and gcc.

Projects: N.O.V.A Legacy, PatBoy and Dominus.

I have developed several algorithims using OpenCV and C/C++. Also I have use the wrapper for OpenCV in Android as well as its native version using NDK and JNI.

Projects: The Graffter S.L..

I have developed software in Android and IOS since 2013 with Java, Objective-C and Swift. Several projects including big clients with millions of users. I have also developed software for this platforms in C and C++.

Projects: ABN AMRO, Jumbo, Coop, RT Mart and Red cross video system.

I have developed software in Java since 2011. I have used java in J2EE and Android.

Projects: ABN AMRO, Coop, RT Mart, and OCUD observatory.

GIT is my favourite version cotrol software. I use it for all my projects. I have also experience with SVN. I have worked with classical and agile methodologies.


Software Renderer
Software renderer with a shader system
N.O.V.A Legacy
Android game with 40+ million downloads
Game Boy emulator
Patboy debugger
Game Boy emulator debugger
Game made from scratch
Android app
IOS app
Kiezel Fit
Pebble watchface
Android app
RT Mart
Android app
The Graffter
Computer vision
Red cross
Android video call app
Content launcher
Android launcher with tv signal integration
Small computer created to learn assembler
J2EE Web application


Speaking at the GDG DevFest in Amsterdam

In october of 2015 I participated as speaker in the Google Developers Group Devfest conference in Amsterdam. My Talk was about performance and android design patterns.

"I app u" from Microsoft

In 2014 I participated in a challenge program by Microsoft at my university. I created 10 apps in less than three weeks for windows phone and I won a Nokia 1520 as prize.


  •  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  •  jonathan.mcontreras@gmail.com